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Edgar's health took a turn, so when I decided to start recording these shots were taken to keep him updated with the recording process.

Alex and Brad at Apogee donated the MIC microphone and the JAM for guitar. The MIC was used to record Edgar's voice on his song, and the MIC was used to record Nauman's voice and the JAM was used to record my guitar at his bedside.

The story behind "Wings"

When I met Edgar he was excited about the possibility of writing a song together. It was something he never had done before, but he loved music and wanted to give it a shot.I assured him that as a team working together it would be easy.  He loved the band Social Distortion and he played me their song "Angel's Wings" as a template of the kind of sound he wanted to try to get. I was a little familiar with the Social D. sound so I thought it would be a great challenge to try to sound similar because that's what Edgar wanted.


He was a sweet soul and wise beyond his years. We talked about his faith and what he wanted to say in the song that we were about to write. He shared with me things that were very close to his heart and his bravery and honesty about his faith and his experiences were very touching. As he spoke, I wrote down everything I could and later turned that into the lyrics you see below. When I finished compiling his thoughts into a lyrical form, I added a melody and a chord progression that I thought would work.  I took it back to him nervously, and played it with my acoustic guitar with the hoped that he would like it. He was overjoyed and kept telling me over and over how much he loved the song, which of course made me very happy.


As the weeks went by the daily dealings of life took over and I had to pause on the production of the song. When last weekend came something pulled me,a feeling that I needed to start moving on it, so I did. The actual recording process was a total of two days, one for all the instruments(drums, guitar, bass, organ, etc.) and one for vocals. The mixing took about a day and a half, with me sending him versions of the song as the tracks were added.


The song was completed and was sent to him. His family told me that he listened to it and loved it. Hours later he was gone. 


I am proud that I got the chance to meet such an incredible spirit and to be able to turn his thoughts , words and his personal message into a song that he was proud of. Below is the song in it's completed form. I am sure he would have loved for you to listen to it too and to walk away knowing that "everything is going to be ok."


WingsWritten by Edgar and Mickey Caputo



Written by Edgar and M. Caputo


Everyday I pray

Everyday I pray for healing

God, take away this pain

And I know He’s listening

I know God’s listening

He’s listening to me

Because I’ve got unshakeable faith


Everyday I pray

Oh Virgin Mary

Take care of me

Take care of my family

And give me patience

And give me strength

To carry this cross

To carry this weight


I know it will be better

God came to me in a dream

He was so big and I was so small

When He took me in his arms

And He took me in his hands

I felt safe

I felt secure

And I knew right then and there

I would be all right

When I fly on into the light


On Angel’s Wings I’ll fly


I had a dream

That God came and He hugged me

Every time I pray

She (Virgin Mary)comes and shows me

that everything is gonna be ok…yeah

The power of prayer is strong

And you best believe that faith moves mountains

The past is the past

We have to just keep moving forward


I don’t want you to worry

Everything will be ok

I’m going to a place

Where friends and family wait for me

I’ll never be alone

I’ll be in good company

And I’ll become the light

On Angel’s wings I’ll fly



Lyrics for "Totally Nauman"

by Nauman and M. Caputo


I like superheroes 

I know they wear tights

It don't bother me though

Because they're mighty and nice


I'm full throttle

I got the a/c on max

Playing video games

is how I relax


I play Bio-Shock

and Call of Duty

Grown Ups 2 

is my favorite funny movie


Yeah uh-huh


I like Iron Man

and the Hulk and Thor

I've seen Avengers a hundred times

and then I keep on wanting more


I'm strong

like Spider-Man's Web

I'm like Tony Stark, yeah

I'm quite the celeb


I like lemons

They taste good in my tummy

If you bet me to eat one

I'll win all the money


I like Warheads

and Dr, Pepper

I've never had them together

but it might taste ten times better


I'm smart and quite artistic

Like Mysterio

I'm, a magical mystic


When I'm grumpy

I get in a bad mood

I turn into a bad boy

I get a little rude


I sign a contract

so I can go to bed late

watch Jimmy Kimmel live

yeah my Mom took the bait (laughs)


I love you Mom


I'm totally complete

So talented it's scary

I'll open up your mind

make you laugh like Jim Carrey


I'm awesome

I'm the total package

It's about that time

It's time to wrap it


My name is Nauman (yeah)

My name is Nauman (yeah)

I know my name isn't that common

but my name is Nauman-yeah

But my name is Nauman-yeah


My name is Nauman

My name is Nauman


I love you Mom

I love you Dad


I like movies

I like video game

I like cartoons

I like lemons

I like candies

I like sodas

I like eating food

and I like...


...that's it (laughs)

Totally NaumanWritten by Nauman and Mickey Caputo
Jai-Ram!Written by Jai Ram, Uma and Mickey Caputo

Lyrics for "Jai-Ram!"

by Jai-Ram, Uma and M. Caputo




Jai-Ram is a sneaky

and I love him very much

He's the best brother ever

He's the best brother in the world


Jai-Ram is my brother

Jai-Ram I love you

You're my brother and I love him most

He's the best brother in the world


Uma is a cutie

and I love her very much

She's the best sister ever

She's the best sister in the world


Uma is my sister

and I love her very much

She likes to ride on her two-wheel bike

She's the best sister in the world


Jai-Ram is sneaky

and I love him very much

He's the best brother ever

and I love him forever and ever

I love him forever and ever



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